“Wow!” – His face lit up with excitement

A quick tale from Keihatsu Aikido Milton Keynes

One thing I love about practising Aikido is just how effortless it can be, even as a beginner

When you see how fluidly the higher grades grace the mat and move around their opponent before deflecting them in another direction… you cannot help but be impressed.

They make it look easy.

During Friday nights Aikido class we had a young lad come in and watch.

You could hear the excitement in his gasps as Sensei Kev demonstrated various techniques.

His hands would shoot up and cover his eyes as Mike flew through the air, and yet you could see his gaze though his fingers fixated on every little movement the pair made.

“Oh Wow!”, you’d hear him say, “That was Awesome!”

It reminded me why I started Aikido in the first place. It fascinated me. I felt just like he did, completely in awe and amazed at what people could do.

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