How much are Aikido Lessons in Milton Keynes?

The cost of Aikido lessons in Milton Keynes will vary from club to club. We have analysed all the local clubs here in Milton Keynes and can tell you that a lesson will cost you between £5 and £10 depending on which club you decide to train with. 

If you decide to become a full member each club are very similar in that you will have to pay a years insurance and a few of the clubs will also charge you a joining fee. 

How Much Is Keihatsu Aikido?

At Keihatsu Aikido Milton Keynes your first lesson with us will always be free. This way you can come down and give it a try completely risk free

If you decide to join us full time there are a few things you will need to know.

Firstly each member is required to cover insurance with the club. For adults this is £28 per year and for children it is £23 for the year. Unlike some of the clubs in the area we do not charge a joining fee. 

You will also need to purchase an Aikido Gi. This is not needed straight away as your first few sessions can be done in comfortable clothes, however it is recommended you get one as soon as possible. You can order these through the club for as little as £30 or you can get one online. If you do choose to order one online it is worth speaking with your Sensei about what size you may be.

At Keihatsu Aikido Milton Keynes our lessons are £5 each for an hour and a half of tuition.  

Of course we encourage you to take part twice per week as the more you take part the quicker you progress and the more effective your Aikido becomes. 

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